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Looking to make an impact in the Veteran community?  We are constantly adding ways for individuals, businesses, employees, and employers to partner with our team. Below is a list of a few ways that you can make an impact!


Donations are still one of the easiest ways to get involved. Online donations are a cost-effective way to help the RTAG community as a whole.

RTAG believes strongly that donated money should be used to the benefit of our veteran community. The unique design of RTAG is that 100% of your donation goes back to the veteran through our ever-growing scholarship funds. RTAG’s operational budget is funded through advertising and other direct contributions, this way you know your contribution is going to help veterans!

Feel free to click below or click any of our donate buttons throughout the site to help today.

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Corporate Partnership

At RTAG we have had the blessing of working with the absolute best companies within the aviation industry and other sectors. RTAG has a multitude of opportunities for companies and we are always looking for more partners to help us change lives.

As a partner, RTAG brings massive exposure to your company’s philanthropy and desire to help the veteran community, all while making a daily impact in the lives of individuals and families everywhere.

Here is a list of ideas for partnership:

  • Named Scholarship Fund
  • Direct One-time Donation
  • Monthly or Annual Donation (different levels available)
  • Discount Programs
  • Cause Marketing

Interested in becoming a Corporate Partner? Contact us below to find out several ways to invest in the veteran community.

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Early on the board at RTAG wanted to do things differently. We wanted our donors to know that all of their money was going to the veteran and not paying for other administrative fees. We decided to have all of our non-charitable functions derive that money from tangible returns for companies and individuals. 

Marketing with RTAG is a win for everyone. It offers a great way for people to support this cause, generates knowledge of RTAGs mission, and can also generate increased revenue for your company.

Today’s world has a more focused mindset on a company’s social activities and are more prone to buy from one that has a socially conscious portfolio. Various studies show approximately 89% of today’s consumers are more likely to switch a brand or purchase from a new company that is associated with a good cause, when all other metrics are similar.

When you advertise with RTAG you gain massive Return on investment, targeted marketing, and you help us to keep changing lives in the veteran community.

Click below for more information and to receive our advertising and marketing packet.

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Subject Matter Expert

RTAG hosted conventions are more than just Job Fairs. We host experts from all industries to educate and invest time, money, and resources into our veteran members. Legal counsel, resume experts, financial advisors, and veterans’ affairs specialists have presented at our breakout sessions and classes to ensure the veteran is fully prepared for their next step after serving. 

We have a need for articles that can educate and inspire those seeking to make a transition from the military as well.

Are you an expert in your field and want to give of your time? Contact us below and let’s work together to change lives.

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Matching Gifts

Most corporations have matching gift programs and will match your donation to an accredited charity. This is a simple way to increase the impact of a personal donation to RTAG. Ask your company if they have a matching program that you could take advantage of.

Host an Event with Us

Events provide a wonderful way to engage the target community for your organization and our cause. We love to work together with individuals, businesses, schools, and communities to host fundraisers for RTAGs’ mission. If you would like to host an event hit the button below and we can help develop a great outreach in your specific area of interest.

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About RTAG

RTAG is a Veteran run 501(c)(3) non profit organization designed to help all veterans, regardless of experience, jumpstart their post military career in the world of aviation.

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RTAG scholarships assist in funding fixed wing flight training for U.S. Military veterans transitioning to a career as an airline pilot.

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