By: Joey Newton

Aviation is a career field with countless opportunities. Pilots can choose to fly light sport aircraft, helicopters, crop dusters, fighter jets or B1 Bombers. While many pilots are already familiar with the opportunities available as a passenger pilot in the regional and major airlines, there is another sector of civilian aviation that is a little less known and regarded as a well kept secret - cargo.

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By: Jason DuVernay

Why do pilots get hired? If you’ve prepped with me, you know I start my sessions with this simple question. Often the answers I hear are professionalism, qualifications, experience, capabilities, etc. I agree these are metrics that are looked at, but these are often gauged by the application and resume, these logical reasons get you to the interview, but they don’t necessarily get you the job.

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By: Joey Newton

A few years back, the Rotor Transition Program, or RTP for short, was hot off the press. Companies paid for both the fixed wing ratings and the additional time building needed for candidates to meet the requirements of the Restricted ATP, making a transition into the airline industry a very easy decision for service members and helicopter pilots everywhere.  Enter the year 2020, and COVID-19 violently disrupted the entire industry...

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By: Landon Cheben

RTAG Nation! What an amazing group of beautiful, talented, and selfless people. The world is a better place because of this group, and because of you and those like you who push the boundaries of the mundane and challenge the realm of ordinary. I’m thankful to be considered a member of this tight-knit group whose focus is to change history in the professional aviation industry. For over two decades we have served the nation overseas, gallantly showing the world we are a specially selected and well trained group of individuals who do incredible things when assembled together as a team. This article is for you, people! Inspired by Jordan Peterson’s books, I wanted to share 10 rules I’ve gathered, with the help of numerous mentors, in my transition from flying choppers to flying jets in the airlines.9 Due to limited space, this article only has the first two Rules. Go check out the RTAG website to read the rest. Let’s get to it!

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