The Great Pilot Shortage is finally upon us! Stop what you’re doing and start your pilot training yesterday! Did you know that over the next decades there will be 2-3,000 mandatory retirements a year due to pilots reaching the maximum allowable age of 65?! Think about that. That’s 165-250+ pilots a MONTH needed! That doesn’t even include the ones who maxed out their 401Ks and want to retire early or the ones who will lose their medical before hitting 65! And the only way those major airline positions will be available to YOU will be if you start at your regional NOW!

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Many pilots that begin at the regional level have aspirations of eventually applying to the majors- American, Alaska, Delta, Fedex, United, UPS, or even Hawaiian Airlines. With higher pay, promises of better schedules, and today’s rapidly rising seniority numbers, the major carriers will be a great place to be for years to come-and they will be needing more pilot than ever over the next decade. Getting into the majors sooner can have a dramatic impact on career earnings-possibly amounting to millions of dollars of additional income over time.

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Every rotor-to-airline transition journey is unique, with its own specific challenges, decisions, and pathways. Mine is no different, and there is no one-size-fits-all answer. There is however, a common denominator that MUST be a part of every successful journey, and that is the importance of understanding how a given RTP pathway differs from another, how the regional & airline industry works, doing your due diligence, and purposefully quantifying exactly what each choice will cost you. These are not separate actions, but a single interconnected view you must have of your new career choice.

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When beginning your transition to the airlines usually you will compare several different R-ATP programs, map out domiciles with the various regionals, and have a good understanding of the steps involved. However, a largely overlooked part of this planning is getting a FAA first class medical certificate.

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RTAG is a Veteran run not-for-profit organization designed to help connect transitioning military pilots and maintenance personnel with potential employers.

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RTAG scholarships assist in funding fixed wing flight training for U.S. Military veterans transitioning to a career as an airline pilot.

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