By: Brady Hlebain

Making the jump from flying helicopters to the airlines can be an intimidating and overwhelming  endeavor. Those feelings are normal; it is a huge step in your career, but the good news is that this trail has already been blazed for you. I had about 700 rotorcraft hours when I made the jump, and I’ve been at a regional airline for about two years now. When I had doubts early on in the process, I kept telling myself, “If that guy can do, so can I.”
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By: Ryan Close

When I was asked to write this article, I was extremely humbled to be a part of the RTAG magazine. At first, I struggled to decide what to write about, but decided that I wanted to portray the path I have taken in my career to get where I am today. It starts with the understanding that nothing happens without hard work, dedication, perseverance, a vision, and most importantly, humility.

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