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Erik Sabiston RTAG

Erik Sabiston – Co-Founder and President

Erik Sabiston is a former Army helicopter instructor pilot and aircraft mechanic who now flies for a U.S. based commercial carrier. Erik is the #1 Amazon best-selling author of Dustoff 7-3. He is also a freelance writer, public speaker, award-winning documentary producer and military technical advisor on four films, with several TV and film projects currently in development. A decorated Assault and MEDEVAC pilot with three tours to Iraq and Afghanistan, he was named one of “History’s Greatest Pilots” in David Curnock’s “The War Chronicles” series. His awards include The Distinguished Flying Cross.

Erik and the team at RTAG have grown this organization from a small handful of veterans to several thousands of “RTAGers” from all services. Their solution provides the nation’s largest supply of qualified pilots, mechanics, instructors, and other technical staff to airlines, corporate aviation departments, helicopter operators, flight schools, manufacturers and military recruiters.

When not flying or volunteering, Erik enjoys chopping firewood, camping and spending time with his wife Tess. 

Joshua Lee RTAG

Joshua Lee – Co-Founder, Vice President and CFO

Joshua Lee is a former Army helicopter instructor pilot, instrument examiner, and tactical operations officer who now flies for a U.S. based commercial carrier.  He is currently in the Army Reserves flying the C-12 in Fort Worth. He is a professor at Mercer County Community College, and a public speaker.  Joshua has several deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan and has flown both MEDEVAC and Air Assault mission sets. 

Joshua, Erik and the RTAG team have worked hand-in-hand to do whatever is necessary to help veterans make the transition from serving to the civilian world.

Joshua and his wife Becky have worked hard to ensure that veterans and their families get the care and support they need to make the best decision they can after their military career is complete.

When not flying or volunteering, Josh enjoys maximizing time with family, running, playing hockey, singing and playing instruments.

Tim Kirschbaum RTAG

Tim Kirschbaum – Co-Founder and Director of Airline Engagement

Tim is a former Army Scout and Attack helicopter pilot, crew chief, tactical operations officer, maintenance test pilot, instructor pilot, maintenance evaluator, air mission commander, and maintenance manager. He currently flies for a U.S. based commercial carrier. Tim retired from active duty in 2018. During his time in the Army, he completed six overseas combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. His combat awards include three Bronze Stars and six Air Medals.

In his off time, Tim enjoys working on cars and motorcycles, scuba diving, hiking, and music concerts.

Jim McClung RTAG

Jim McClung – Director of Special Projects

Jim is a former Army MEDEVAC helicopter pilot, tactical operations officer, unit trainer and air mission commander and now flies for a U.S. based commercial carrier.  Jim retired from active duty service in June 2019.  During his time in the Army, he completed three overseas combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.  His combat awards include two Air Medals.

Jim worked with the RTAG founders behind the scenes as an advisor from the very beginning, helping put together the first ever RTAG Convention in Savannah, GA.  He officially joined the Board of Directors in 2019 and has continued to help grow RTAG into what it is today by keeping one idea at the forefront of his mind: Help Veterans.

When not flying or volunteering, Jim enjoys spending time outdoors, attending community events, and spending time with his wife Jenna, and their two children, Conner and Amelia.

Louis Fay RTAG

Louis Fay – Director of Talent Management

Louis is a former Army helicopter pilot who now flies for U.S. based commercial carrier and continues service with the National Guard. During his time on active duty, he deployed twice to Afghanistan, most recently in 2016 as the commander of an AH-64D Apache company. He earned two Air Medals for service in Afghanistan.

Louis began working as a volunteer for RTAG in the summer of 2018 and helped to build partnerships for the organization, he has coordinated and managed the last two RTAG Conventions along with his team of volunteers, or “red shirts” as we call them. He continues working to build partnerships for RTAG as we grow.

In his spare time, Louis enjoys hiking, running, rugby, and spending time with his wife Holly, and their children Louie and Evelyn.

Becky Lee RTAG Spouse Engagement

Becky Lee – Director of RTAG Spouse Engagement

Becky has been with RTAG since the very first day.  She served in the Air Force Reserves and now runs a successful photography company.  As an Army wife for 18 years Becky saw a need to ensure that RTAG was a place that served the whole family and has sought to bring knowledge and support to the spouses and families during what can be a scary transition. 

She cares deeply about the community and the families that make up RTAGs membership. 

In her spare time she loves spending time with her family and traveling all over the world.

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RTAG is a Veteran run 501(c)(3) non profit organization designed to help all veterans, regardless of experience, jumpstart their post military career in the world of aviation.

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RTAG scholarships assist in funding fixed wing flight training for U.S. Military veterans transitioning to a career as an airline pilot.

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