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Those who have defended this nation deserve to be recognized and celebrated. RTAG is committed to honoring both veterans and their families.

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RTAG takes pride in partnering with the best veteran friendly organizations and assisting them in their mission to provide veterans scholarships, grants & other benefits.

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RTAG hosts conventions that bring together industry experts, schools, vendors, corportate partners and employers committed to hiring veterans across the U.S.

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making a difference for veterans

Rotary To Airline Group, or RTAG, began as a campaign to address the national pilot shortage with both professional and experienced Rotary Wing Aviators. This movement has since evolved, now endeavoring to place Veterans in the Airline Industry, regardless of their experience. Our Airline Partners recognize the value of our Veterans, not only placing them behind the controls but hiring them across the industry.

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RTAG National Convention 2022

RTAG National Convention 2022

Everythings Bigger in Texas!

RTAG will be hosting our popular annual convention in the fall of 2022 in Fort Worth, Texas! Texas is home to 15 military bases, an easily accessible airport and a strong aviation community, making it the perfect spot to celebrate the return of this industry. The RTAG Convention will be the last major aviation hiring event for 2022 and will provide civilian recruiters, military representatives, vendors, flight schools, and related sponsors the best convention value possible.  

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